Services offered:

Domain Hosting:

When you sign up for a domain on the net, you need to have DNS server to point to.  Finewine can provide those DNS servers.  We will be happy to add records in for the domain to point it to your web, mail or other servers. There is a $30 setup fee for the domain and a $8 per month charge for domain hosting.  This includes a reasonable number of updates per month.

Email Virtual Server:

You have a domainname, and you have DNS servers (although we provide those too), but you want to set up addresses like and We can do this too. There is a $30 setup charge for this service.  If you take advantage of our Domain Hosting you get 5 forwarding addresses free.  If you don't use our Domain Hosting or you need more than the 5, the cost is $10 per year per address.  If you use our Domain Hosting, the cost per month for the Email Virtual Server is $5. If you do not use our domain hosting, there is a cost is $10 per month.

Web Hosting:

We also provide web page hosting. There is a $30 one-time setup charge and $30 per month for 10 MB of disk space. Average useage over 10 MB will be charged at 50 cents/MB.

To inquire or setup any of these services, please send mail to:

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